Roman shades

motorized roman shades


These classic shades are available in different styles and with various options, but they all offer many of the same characteristics . Roman shades are typically a fabric shade chosen to your  design preference or color and  thanks to technology can be raised and lowered just pressing a button. There are made in different styles as flat, teardrop or looped, all options depend on if you are looking for a traditional or modern style.



window-copyRoman Shades offer unique combinations of aesthetics and function. Each can be selected for a huge range of configurations, colors, fabric type, and weight. Roman shades are often made of heavier fabric to feature privacy and thermal performance. Printed roman shades don’t only look fantastic-they also service a purpose too. These can be lined with an insulating material to keep the heat in and reduce your heating bills.


Automated Roman Shades


Motorized Roman Shades Styles